Welcome to the world of QUBI

Born out of curiosity to create something new, something different and unique.

is a wooden box with a rotating inside element that has three surfaces for displaying your favorite photos, images, content.

uses magnets so the options of content to be displayed are limitless. You can display three different images at a time – but you can change them as often as you wish.


18.7 cm x 18.7 cm x 13.7 cm

Content surface dimensions:

15 cm x 15 cm


Pine Wood

Each is unique and has one of a kind texture.

How it works:

is delivered with 12 metal plates – you can choose to order more if you wish. The plates have adhesive side which goes on the back corners of each image. The magnets will hold the image in place while the central element is being rotated. You can decide to rotate the photos on a daily basis or go through them in one shot.

You choose how you are going to tell your story.

Show your holiday or family photos, your favorite quotes, your pets, your bicycle, car or your favorite summer destination.


Start using your QUBI:

  1. Find a cool spot for your – shelf, desk, could be even your wall. Hook for wall mounting is optional.
  2. Select 3 photos/images
    (not 1, I know how difficult it is to choose 1)
  3. Print them at home or at your closest photo studio
    Photo dimensions: 15cm x 15cm
    Recommendation: use matte paper
  4. Use the triangle template to place the metal plates on the back corners of each image
  5. Place the images on the 3 surfaces of & let the magnets to their magic
  6. Rotate whenever you want as many times as you want

The story about QUBI

The idea about was born in 2016. I was always looking for ways to display more of the things that I created.

Six years in the making. Many prototypes – from cardboard, to styrofoam, reclaimed wood, lost prototypes by potential suppliers, pandemics … testing various ways of displaying the images and here we are finally.

is deeply connected with my passion for art, design and photography. After spending 13 exciting years in the Marketing field doing a nine-to-five job, I decided to fully dedicate my time on my passions and embark on an entrepreneurial journey. I hope will inspire you to tell your story as I am telling mine through it.